Saturday, April 2, 2011


By: Thirdee Deacosta

Day by day, I'm excited to wake up for I know that there's someone out there who I can say good morning to.
There's not a minute that passes by when I'm not thinking of you.
You give me hope when the world seems to be turning against me.
You become my weapon when I'm faced with my adversaries.

You who I call when I'm melancholy,
For you can make me smile with your funny stories.
You who make me sane when I'm thrown in the dark,
For your bright presence just hits the mark.

You who I desire to be with every night,
For when we're together everything feels right.
You who can knock me off when I'm not myself,
For your wisdom and insights always help.

You who I believe is my security blanket when I'm afraid,
For your love carries me through the hardest crusades.
You who I miss the moment we part,
For I know we are inseparable from the start.

You who I can lie down in the dirt without being disgusted,
For your mere touch turns me on and the filth's forgotten.
You who I can walk a thousand miles with and not be exhausted,
For it's like traversing on cloud 9 and I'm therefore uplifted.

You who always encourage me to go after my dreams,
For you constantly tell me that I deserve the applause and the screams.
You who make me feel that I'm breathtaking,
For you perpetually assure me that I'm good-looking.

You whom I dedicate the most wonderful songs to,
You who I want to dance with in all the romantic venues.
You who I will be faithful to in all circumstances,
You who I'll protect in all perilous occurrences.

You who I consider as my fortress of solitude.
You whom I'll forever offer my sincerest gratitude.
You who should read these heartfelt rhymes,
You who I promise to love at all times.


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